Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Scientists and Teachers Fight Back Against Attacks on Science Curricula

It is important to challenge efforts to include creationism and intelligent design in science curricula. This is taken from NSTA Express (May 10, 2005):

Teachers, Scientists Vow to Fight Challenge to Evolution
As the Kansas State Board of Education began hearings last week to determine the fate of the state’s science standards, a story in The Washington Post looked at the efforts of teachers and scientists to address the evolving tactics of intelligent design proponents who are gaining ground with their “carefully marketed theory.” According to the article, “…scientists and teachers are mobilizing to fight back, asserting that educational standards are being threatened by what they consider a stealth campaign to return creationism to public schools.” The article looks at the outcomes of various evolution battles fought by scientists and educators and notes a tactical shift to become more active in the political debate. To read The Washington Post article, go to

In a letter to the members of the Kansas State Board of Education, NSTA supports Kansas Science Education Revision Committee's Draft Two of the standards because it represents the “best practices of the National Science Education Standards and exemplifies good science.” To read the letter, go to

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