Tuesday, July 05, 2005

A Most Amusing Lawsuit

A Russian astrologer has filed a $300 million lawsuit against NASA for colliding the Deep Impact probe into a comet. The collision has "ruined the natural forces in the universe" and has caused emotional stress since her horoscope has been thrown off. No kidding, this is a real story! I cannot think of a thing to say about this or have any amusing or sarcastic remarks because it speaks for itself. I'd love to hear your comments, though! It is a pity NASA may actually have to deal with this, though.

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Archie Levine said...

I realize that the probe was "un-natural", however I can't believe her horoscope could have been thrown off more by the collision of the probe than it was by all the other things which have impacted the celestial object.

I watched the video of the impact--she should too, because that thing had a heck of a lot of craters already on it.