Friday, October 28, 2005

House GOP Completely Out of Touch

Here's one for you. A House committee passed, on a straight party-line vote of 24-20, a proposal to cut $844 million dollars from the food stamp program. This will take food stamps away from some 300,000 Americans who struggle to buy food (how many kids would be affected by this?). I want to know how these absolute fools, for lack of a better word, can sleep at night. They are trying to cut spending on food stamps in order to do things like pay for permanent tax cuts, such as the estate tax, for the wealthiest of Americans, as well as thousands of other pork-barrel projects that were contained in the transportation/highway bill, as well as $100 billion in tax breaks and incentives to oil companies that make up our wonderful national energy bill. Oh, by the way, Exxon reported yesterday a profit of $9.9 BILLION, a new record for any American company. Oh, how big oil is struggling, and needs a hand-out...fuck the poor, they don't need to eat anyhow.

How can any voter justify voting these people back into office next year? If you are as infuriated as I am, start emailing and calling your representatives in order to force them to stop this lunacy! Fortunately, a similar Senate bill does not contain cuts to food stamps, so we need to make sure the House does not win this one.

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