Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Once Again, a Call to Arms

As was the case about two weeks ago, try to contact your Representative before a likely vote tomorrow that will cut $50 billion from education, food stamps, college aid, and aid for the elderly and poor. The House leadership is claiming this is to pay for hurricane relief and to reduce the deficit (when is the last time you heard the leadership worrying about the deficit...give me a break). However, doubting Thomases like me believe the real reason is a new round of $70 billion in tax cuts, which the rumor-mill says is likely to come up later this month (I guess this would make for a pleasant Thanksgiving for the well-to-do). How much of these tax cuts do you think you will see? Let's make sure those who struggle to put food on the table can during the holidays.


otowi said...

Why is it that the cuts are always in the places the populace feels it most but hardly affects those passing the laws? (Is that a rhetorical question?)

Anyway, love your Feynman quote - reading Feynman in junior high / high school contributed to my choice to get a physics degree.....

vonny said...

Hi otowi,

I suppose when in power, and if you want to stay in power, you reward those who got you there. Unfortunately those who tend to need the most help are the poor, uneducated...and they tend not to vote in any significant numbers. If they did vote, it would change the policy of the powerbrokers, and certainly would change the White House. Te good news is that the vote has been postponed for the moment, as moderate Republicans are going against the leadership.

Feynman was one of the great minds of the past century, as you know. If it wasn't for Einstein, he would likely be regarded as the greatest physicist (if not scientist) of the 20th century. Where did you go to school for your physics degree? Mine are from U. of Illinois in Chambana.