Sunday, January 29, 2006

Change in Democratic Leadership in Congress Needed

Is it just me, or do other Dems out there wish the current leadership in the House and Senate would just step down and let someone else come in before the midterm elections? In particular, I cannot help but think life would be so much better for Senate Dems if Barack Obama, 99th in terms of seniority, would be able to take on the Minority Leader position. After seeing him on ABC's Sunday morning show This Week.., I am again impressed by his honesty and willingness to speak in terms of his true beliefs as well as some common sense. It was no different than when I met him at a fundraiser before the 2004 elections, where he comes across as someone who truly is there to help people, and not play the power game. He is not afraid to say when he agrees with Republicans, he is not afraid to criticize Dem strategy such as the Alito filibuster, and he was not afraid to come right out and say what I have been waiting for a Dem to say: they need to stop complaining about every little thing the Republicans do and stop doing political maneuvering, and rather step up and focus on an actual message and alternative ideas to real problems. Republicans have been absolutely correct in their criticism of Dems when they say the Dems have nothing better to offer; the message has been lost in politics, and that is the responsibility of the leadership. The table has been set for a long time now for Dems to make real noise in House elections, but they have, thanks to the leadership, been blowing it in my opinion (and many others, for that matter).

OK, I just had to vent for a couple minutes.


mark said...

I've had that opinion for quite some time - with the corrollary that the Democratic Party's captivity or paralysis in the hands of MichaelMoore/DailyKOS/ lunatics only enables the GOP to be irresponsible and to extent, cater, to its own wingnuts pet obsessions.

A more moderate and competitive Democratic Party will mean a more disciplined and careful Republican Party

vonny said...

I agree entirely. Just like I've said in the past the best thing to happen toClinton was when the GOP won the House in 1994. I don't think it is an ideal situation to have either party control the entire government, since by definition policy shifts from the middle. It is a frustrating time (at least for Dems). :-)