Wednesday, February 08, 2006

State of the Union, Part II: More Science and Math Teachers?

In the State of the Union address last week, the president made mention of the fact that to remain competitive in a global economy we need to maintain our science and technology advantage, and that to do this he wanted to add tens of thousands of science and math teachers in K-12 education. I wrote about this in an earlier post, with a concluding prediction, "I am afraid this was just a statement for show and politics, with no plan at all as to how we will accomplish it."

Unfortunately, it is looking like my prediction is indeed correct (I was hoping to be wrong). The Bush budget plan came out this week, and all reports I have seen state that there is no money in the budget for any programs for trying to recruit new teachers for science and math. In fact, it appears that money is being cut overall for education. So it goes....

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