Friday, June 30, 2006

Gore Gets the Science Correct, According to Experts

To the many doubters I have talked with about Al Gore's documentary on global warming and climate change, "An Inconvenient Truth", all the climate experts surveyed by AP say the science is accurate. Many believe the film is, without having seen it, a doomsday, political comeback in the making for Gore, and that he would be apt to exaggerate scenarios and the science to make a more dramatic impact on the public. This is a logical thought when any poltician is involved, because it is largely their job to spin a topic to their advantage and shape public opinion. While I have not yet had the chance to see it, I certainly plan to because it has received good reviews, and in my case I am most interested in the science of climate change. It si good to hear GOre got it right.

The article referenced notes that many of the top science agency directors (appointed by the president) have not yet seen it, and the president simply refuses to see it...this subject truly is an inconvenient truth for current policies, and it is easier to simply ignore some potentially devastating consequences (leave that to future presidents and generations to worry about) than to anger friends in the oil and industrial sectors.

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