Monday, November 20, 2006

Woodland Consolidated School District 50 - Running for Board of Education

I will be taking on a new challenge before long: running for the school board of the elementary and middle schools my kids are and will be in. There is the old saying that 'all politics is local,' and the village hall and local school district have the single biggest impact on a community. I've devoted my adult life to helping kids in the classroom, and now it is time to try and help at the community level. I like to think I have a broad range of experiences that will make me useful on a school board; and I know what goes on in schools and, most importantly, in classrooms. Otherwise, what is the point in running.

Education is the one thing that cannot be taken from an individual, and having a good education is something that opens doors and gives a person options and opportunities in life, and nothing is more important to me than to give my own children a good school experience in which they can grow. The first step is to get the signatures, and then do some addtional paperwork to get on the April, 2007, ballot. Campaigning will soon follow. I'm excited that the present Board has begun 3-5 year strategic planning, of which I have been involved on a community committee, and if I am fortunate enough to get elected I can play a direct role in making sure priorties are set in such a way as to develop a strong school experience that will help our kids reach a point where they can truly compete in a global community, rather than just a local or national community.


mark said...

Ah, too bad I cannot vote for you my friend - you'll do a great job if you are elected!

We're doing strategic planning as well BTW. Managed to influence the IT aspect, so far.

James said...
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James said...

That's so cool, Mark!

I'm going to try to round up the usual suspects to visit you over winter break sometime. I hope things are going well at ETHS.

Tom said...

Are you ready to do some serious campaign fund raising? See this article:

Seriously, good luck. You will serve your community well.

vonny said...

Thank you all for the support. The process has just begun and I'm into the research phase of the game.

Tom, thank you for the link. I am not sure how much it will take at this point, so I will be sure to keep you posted.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and my best to everyone's families!