Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Fascinating 4 days for McCain

Four days, four flip-flops. Such is life on the campaign trail for John McCain.

He made another statement a few days ago, after the Lehman Brothers and Merrill Lynch demise, that the 'fundamentals of the economy are strong.' I am waiting for someone to ask him what, exactly, are these fundamentals. There are the theoretical and technical economic variables and defined quantities that may or may not be in value ranges that are strong, but McCain is missing the point that average Americans absolutely do not care about economic theory. Rather, we are struggling through everyday life with $3+ milk, $4+ gas, foreclosures down the street, declining home values, college costs that far outpace inflation, and so on. Within a day he flipped to say that he is concerned with the economy, after being blasted by both Democrats and some Republicans, as well as being beat to the punch by none other than the Bush administration, which said the economy is not as strong as once believed.

He then comes out solidly against any more government bailouts of the large financial firms, specifically AIG. That same evening, the Federal Reserve goes through an $85 Billion loan and effective takeover of AIG. The following morning, he is fully supportive of the Fed's action.

The solution to Wall Street's problems? During his career, McCain has wanted less government interference, free markets and deregulation. He ran on this in the primaries. His present stump speech, we need strict regulations and a new government agency to manage the business sector through this period.

In the primaries, 'straight-talking' McCain was in Michigan and flatly stated lost automotive manufacturing jobs were gone, and they are never coming back. He lost Michigan to Mitt Romney. In Michigan yesterday, he was at a GM plant saying he is a fighter for the workers, as he helps resurrect car manufacturing! Yee-hah, how about that flip?!

He is 4-for-4 this week, and this does not even include the blatantly misleading and false ad on Sen. Obama's vote on sex education when an Illinois state senator (one more example of lowering the bar with personal attacks, after starting the campaign a fervent supporter of issues campaigns, especially after what Bush did to him in 2004). Can't wait to hear what comes up tomorrow, as he continues his evolution from straight-talk to experience to the change agent. He continues to do and say everything and anything that might help him in the campaign. "Country First" is the fictional slogan that should truly be "Campaign First." We'll see what happens, but I have lost respect for the man, and do hope the increasing news coverage of the changing McCain continues, such as what I just saw on "Nightline." Will Americans be fooled by all this nonsense and lack of principles on where he stands on issues?

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